Patent Rights

Worldwide Pure Water™ is a global drinking water solutions provider and it holds the patent assignment along with exclusive global marketing rights to this unique nanotechnology.

Drinking Water

An eco-friendly replacement to the carcinogenic compound commonly known as Chlorine is long overdue. In 1994 President Clinton backed a call to ban Chlorine. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg14119121.300-clinton-backs-call-to-ban-chlorine-.html. For more details visit: http://www.biophysica.com/chlorine.html

The Science Behind The Formula

The effects of Silver Nano-particles and Copper Pentahydrate on water borne pathogens are well documented.

Colloidal Silver in a water solution produces a toxic effect to a majority of water borne pathogens. Copper Pentahydrate strips an enzyme from unicellular organisms that is necessary for their reproductive cycle. Without that enzyme bacteria can no longer reproduce and therefore shall die decreasing the number of water borne pathogens in any sample.

The effects described above are greatly enhanced by the patented process that Worldwide Pure Water™ controls. The process enables nano-particles to remain in suspension so they can continue to do their job. As a result these formulas are highly effective against a majority of water borne pathogens.

Cryptosporidium Passes Through Most U.S. Municipalities

A clear and present danger exists throughout America and abroad. It’s called Cryptosporidium, often referred to as Crypto, and it is a nasty bacteria that has six life cycles or stages.

In stages 2 and 5 Crypto has a hard shell that even pure chlorine will not kill. For this reason it represents a major threat to our drinking water and people exposed to water in swimming pools and water parks. Cryptosporidium is 4 to 6 microns in size and the vast majority of U.S. water municipalities only filter down to 7 or 8 microns enabling Crypto to pass straight through to homes and businesses. The formula that Worldwide Pure Water has strips an enzyme away from bacteria rendering it harmless.

Swimming Pools, Spas and Other Water Applications

Worldwide Pure Water™ has granted My Natural Pool™ and NaturGard™ the right to use this nano-technology. My Natural Pool™ is used for swimming pools and spas applications while NaturGard™ is used for water, farm and agricultural applications.

Other Applications

A vast number of other commercial applications exist. These applications are found across multiple industries and often they replace toxic chemicals that are contaminating our environment.

Humanitarian Projects

Worldwide Pure Water™ can keep drinking water safe for an extended period of time. Meanwhile NaturGard™ prevents mosquito infestations in standing water.

With the world plagued by mosquito borne pathogens, such as Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus and Malaria all humanitarian agencies should contact Worldwide Pure Water™ for help with these applications.